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how it works

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How do we help your agency sell life insurance? We keep it simple! Here’s the overview of how the process works from start to finish:

Agency Setup & Training

We work with you to implement a simple marketing plan for your agency and train your staff in lead generation. We provide tools including a website life quoter and e-marketing campaigns. Our tools even integrate with your facebook page.

Lead Generation

Web, face-to-face, over the phone – it doesn’t matter what the source is, we make it easy to connect your client to Your Life Department.

Life Insurance Sales

You don’t have to do a thing here – we handle the whole process from first contact to policy delivery. You can watch the case progress with our online ‘case status’ tools and we’ll let you know when each case it closed.

You Get Paid

Every time a client purchased life insurance, you get paid. You get paid on future business too! We are here to work for you, and your client will always be your client.

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