We Sell. You Get Paid.

we know, it’s a great idea!

What if you could grow your life insurance sales without doing any of the selling?

Increase Client Retention

Are your clients calling your competitor when they think of life insurance? We can help!

What Is 'The Life Department'?

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Unlock Your Agency Potential 


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No need to hire, train, or supervise life insurance agents.

No need to provide an agent with office space, phone, or any other overhead.

Be confident that your client's life insurance needs are being addressed expertly.

Maintain ownership of the client relationship as agent of record.

Increase revenue for your agency.

Higher Premium

Premium size per case is 25% higher than cases placed with other services.

Improved Placement

Placement ratio is up to 30% higher for agents using our service.

Increased Retention

Our application persistence is 30% higher than the industry average.

Industry Experts

We put our combined 150 years experience to work for you.

Is The Life Department Right For Your Agency?

If  you’re ready to increase your client retention, improve customer service, and increase revenue for your insurance agency, then the answer is YES!

We are your dedicated life insurance sales team! 

How does Your Life Department Work

We operate as your agency’s life department. When you have a client interested in life insurance, send them to us and we take it from start to finish.

Is it only for life insurance leads?

No!  We also have specialists for disability, long-term care, and annuities.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid 50% of the top agent commission and are paid directly from the insurance company on an as earned basis.  Note:  you must be current with the appropriate state licensing and continuing education requirements to be paid a commission.

Additional frequently asked questions:

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