Frequently Asked Questions

So just how does The Life Department work?

How does Your Life Department Work

We operate as your agency’s life department. You send us a lead (usually an existing client interested in a quote, policy review, or more information about Life, LTC, or Disability income insurance) and our experienced specialists take it from there. We do all the information gathering, needs analysis, quoting, presentation, explanations, application completion, policy delivery. If we make a sale, you get paid!

Is it only for life insurance leads?

No!  We also have specialists for disability, long-term care, and annuities.

What kind of expertise and experience do Life Department agents have?

They have 10 to 30 plus years of experience as dedicated life insurance producers. Life, disability, and LTC insurance is all they have done and all they currently do. They are truly experts at product knowledge, underwriting, application processing, needs analysis, and sales strategies. Life Department agents average case size is 25% higher and the placement ratio of issued policies is 34% higher than from our other non-life department agents.

Why is The Life Department better than hiring our own internal Life guy?

Life, Long Term Care, and Disability Income insurance specialists with expert knowledge and years of experience are very difficult to find. From our experience, most of those that would take on that role earn most of their income from P&C lines or health insurance and have only limited recent experience with Life, LTC, and DI. The agent’s that are seasoned pros and do really know there stuff will, in most cases, cost your agency much more than using our service.

With The Life Department, there is no office space to provide or overhead of any kind, no salary commitment, no training needed, no supervision required, no employment taxes, and no workman’s compensation. Your client’s instantly have access to true life insurance specialists with years of experience and current in-depth knowledge of today’s market place and modern processes.

What is required of me or our agency's staff?

All we ask of you and your staff is to ask your existing and prospective clients about life insurance – we will even help you with best ways to do so. If they show interest, let them know that someone from your life department will be touch with them. The rest is up to us! If we are successful in making a sale, you may be asked to complete an appointment application with the insurance company – usually less than a five minute process.

Do you have Spanish speaking agents?

Yes, we can accommodate your Spanish speaking clients and prospects.

What happens when I submit a lead?

The lead will be assigned to one of the Life Department agents and that agent will attempt to contact the prospect within one working day. The agent will let you know they have done so and the result.

Do you use third party call centers or farm out our leads to outside agents?

Absolutely not! Our agents are dedicated in-house staff.

What is your selling philosopy? Will you hard sell my clients?

We take an advisor approach. We help your client determine the appropriate need and then present them with the best options and our recommendation and let them decide on how best to proceed. We never push a product on someone or do any type of hard close.

How do Life Department agents represent themselves to my clients?

Agent’s represent themselves as your agency’s life insurance specialist calling at your request.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid 50% of the top agent commission and are paid directly from the insurance company on an as earned basis. Note: you must be current with the appropriate state licensing and continuing education requirements to be paid a commission.

Will I still be agent of record?

You or someone from your agency (depending on how you want to set it up) will be an agent of record. We always include you on the application as an agent on the case. Unlike other options, you will always maintain an ownership right to the business.

Do you service the client after the sale?

Yes, we will assist the client in all policy service needs on an ongoing basis. In fact, we will go a step further and proactively attempt to schedule a policy review every 2-3 years to make sure the client’s goals and objectives are still being well served. Often, these reviews lead to new sales which will pay you new commissions!

Do we have to do anything?

Yes, but it’s the easy part.  Simply start asking your clients about their life insurance anytime you have a positive interaction with them on another subject.  We will even provide you with sample questions and other marketing material to get the conversation started.  If your client shows interest, you or your staff will “hand the ball” to us and we will take it from there.

How do we submit a lead?

You can use our online submission form at

or email us at or call 805.242.4272